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We are specialized in drafting the following contracts/ agreements

Type 1 - Registering a Business Entity

Partnership Firm/ Documents

1. Partnership Deed

To bring a Company or a business into existence

2. Agreement on Introducing or Removing a Partner:

It helps the partners of the partnership firm to add new partners or remove the existing one.

3. Deed of Dissolution

It helps in discontinuing of the business so that the liabilities are finally settled by selling off assets or transferring them to a particular partner of the partnership firm.

4. Deed of Retirement

It lays down the rules that the retiring partners should follow to have retired themselves from the existing partnership firm.

5. Partnership Dissolution Agreement

If two or more partners are in business together and want to end the partnership, they need to create a partnership dissolution agreement. The main purpose of this Agreement is to establish a plan to inventory the partnership holdings, settle the debts, and assign any remaining assets to the remaining partners.

Limited Liability Partnership

6. LLP Agreement

An LLP agreement is a written document defining the agreement between the partners of a Limited Liability Partnership. It defines the rights and duties of all the partners towards each other and towards the firm. A well-defined LLP agreement sets the solid foundation for the business. A comprehensive, detailed LLP agreement defines the roles and responsibilities of a firm very clearly. This helps avoid any conflict in the future.

Private Limited Company

7. MoA&AoA

Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association safeguard and structure your business, helping in establishing the company's identity, working methodology, and goal.

8. Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

It is necessary to maintain secrecy and Privacy of the internal data and information of a Company in order to prevent and protect the company from any misuse and mis-happenings.

9. Intellectual Property Aeement

An IP agreement transfers any rights in or to the IP created by the individual to the company, and can be applied to any IP including trademarks, patents, logos, designs, or any other IP.

10. Non-Disclosure Agreement

NDA is highly recommended before sharing any sensitive or confidential information with external parties and particularly if you intend to have any collaboration with another company.

11. Shareholder's Agreement

To start a private limited company and you are bringing on a co-founder, you will probably be given shares in the company as part of the co-founder relationship and will, therefore, need a shareholder's agreement, particularly before you obtain any external investment.

12. Service Agreement

The company will need to have employment or service contracts for each individual employee, which will specify the duties and obligations of both your business as an employer and the employees you are hiring.

Joint Venture

13. AoA&MoA

Articles of association is a document that specifies the regulations for a company's operations and defines the company's purpose

14. Joint Venture Agreement

A joint venture (JV) is a business arrangement in which two or more parties agree to pool their resources for the purpose of accomplishing a specific task.

15. Joint Bid Agreement

It is a legal document entered into by two or more contractors, who jointly bid to perform together on a specific construction project.

16. Liquidation/ Winding Up Agreement

The Liquidation Agreement is a document used to legally and formally end a partnership between the two parties. The agreement helps to settle things between both the parties smoothly and fairly.

Type 2 - Employment Contracts

17. Non-Disclosure Agreement

It is a contract through which the parties agree not to disclose information covered by the agreement.

18. Fixed Term Employment

The fixed term employment contract benefits both the employees and employers. Besides, there is also protection of workers as they are provided statutory benefits that fall under the Industrial. The latter includes that wage benefits, allowances, working hours, etc. shall be equal to that of a permanent worker. All these benefits are equivalent to the period of service rendered by the worker. These conditions are mentioned in fixed term contracts.

19. Permanent Employment Contract

A permanent contract is an indefinite contract whereby you are employed by the company until such time as the employer or the employee no longer wish to work there.

20. Casual Employment Contract

The casual employment contract is suitable for scenarios where you want an individual to commit , working for you, but you're not sure how many hours of work you'll be able to offer them each week and cannot guarantee a regular working pattern.

21. Zero-hours worker contracts

The biggest advantage of using zero-hours contracts is flexibility. For any organisation, it is invaluable to be able to respond quickly and effectively to business fluctuations. Engaging people on zero-hours contracts allow employers: to deal with an unforeseen event.

22. Consultancy agreements

When it comes to working with self-employed contractors, consultants or freelancers, it's equally important to have a written document - commonly known as a 'consultancy agreement' - in place to set out expectations for the working relationships.


The ESOP can be used to raise new equity capital, to refinance outstanding debt, or to acquire productive assets through leveraging with third-party lenders. Because contributions to an ESOP trust are tax, an employer can fund the principal and the interest payments on an ESOP's debt service obligations with pre-tax dollars.

Type 3 - Real Estate Agreements and Contracts

24. Purchase Agreement

The Purpose of this Purchase Agreement is that this contract specifies the details regarding the sale of the property. It will include the address of the property, the price, names of both parties, signatures of both parties, and the closing date.

25. Real Estate Assignment Contract

A Real Estate Assignment Contract is used in a wholesale investment purchase. Its purpose is that it includes distressed properties that are secured and then assigned to another buyer.

26. Lease Agreement

This is a contract that binds an owner and a renter to the property. The main purpose of this Agreement is to ensure important items are mentioned in the lease agreement to prevent future legal disputes.

27. Power of Attorney

A power of attorney (POA) is a legal document giving one person (the agent or attorney-in-fact) the power to act for another person (the principal).

Type 4 - Website Agreements & Contracts

28. Terms and Policies Agreements

The main purpose of this agreement is to maintain your rights to exclude users from your app in the event that they abuse your app, where you maintain your legal rights against potential app abusers, and so on.

29. Website Development Service Agreement

It is a legally binding agreement. The main purpose of this agreement is where the Client and developer mutually desire to set and agree to the following terms and conditions as listed.

A. Software Maintenance Agreement :

It is an agreement that states the process of modifying a software product after it has beendelivered to the customer.

B. Refund and Return Policy :

The main purpose of this Agreement is to maintain transparent business practices and good customer relationships. It's a legal agreement with terms binding both of them. Many customers will decide whether to buy from you at all - or again in the future - based on the generosity of your Return & Refund Policy.

C. Website Disclaimer :

The Purpose of a website disclaimer is a great way to protect yourself against many different claims of liability. As long as your disclaimer is well-written and relevant to your site, it should play an important role on the legal side of your business.

Type 5 - For Start-ups (Miscellaneous)

30. NDAs

The Purpose of NDAs is that the start-up founders often want potential investors to sign NDAs before they share their brilliant business ideas. The real value is in the execution of the idea, the skills of the team, etc.

31. Employment Agreement

The Purpose of this is to state the terms of employment, such as salary, benefits, vacation time, stock options, etc.

32. Service Agreement

The purpose is to provide you with services (such as app development, launch party catering, or office cleaning) or to provide services to others.

33. Distribution Agreement

These are usually between a manufacturer or vendor and distributor. Some key terms are the duration of the agreement, whether it's exclusive, and the territory covered.

34. Reseller Agreement

The Purpose of these are agreements with companies that buy products and generally "add value" (for example, by combining a product with other products or services) before reselling it.

35. End-User License Agreements (EULAs):

These are usually non-negotiated shrink-wrap or browse-wrap agreements. The Purpose of this Agreement is that they govern how users can use the software.

36. Valuation Agreements (Trial License, Test License)

They generally limit the licensor's liability and prohibit things like reverse engineering.These let potential buyers check out products (such as software) before buying them or paying for a license.

Type 6 - Service Contracts and Agreements

37. Master Service Agreement

The purpose of this type of contract is to speed up and simplify the future transactions of the parties involved. A lesser amount of documentation is needed for future transactions, such as the issuance of a job order or purchase order.

38. Professional Service Agreement

The main purpose of this Agreement is to provide unique, technical, and infrequent functions which is performed by an independent contractor that is qualified based on his/her expertise, education, and technical abilities to provide the services.

39 Maintenance Agreement

Maintenance Agreement is a formal agreement between two parties. The purpose of this agreement is that wherein the other party promised to maintain the efficiency of material or belonging of the other party. Maintenance agreements often contain regular checking and repairing specific materials or equipment.

40. Performance-Based Contracts

Performance-based contracts identify expected deliverables, performance outcomes, and the payment is done after a successful delivery. Performance-based contracts also use appropriate techniques to ensure the agreed value of service or goods is delivered.

Type 7 - Contracts required in a Financial Sector

41. Finance Contracts

Finance contracts are used in accordance with securities law to allow for individually negotiated agreements involving commodities, securities, currencies, or other interests of an economic or financial nature. These contracts are used for buying, selling, lending, swapping, and repurchasing within the financial markets.

42. Option Contracts

Options contracts are a kind of finance contract that involves a seller and buyer agreeing to give the option's purchaser the right to sell or buy an asset at an agreed-upon price at a specified date. Such contracts are common to commodities, real estate, and securities transactions.

43. Forward Contracts or Future Contracts

Forward Contract gives the buyer the obligation to buy an asset at an agreed-upon price at an agreed-upon time. Assets involved in these contracts include such commodities as precious metals, grains, oil, electricity, natural gas, and livestock.

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